Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gap Bird Scarf Summer 2012

Got a cute scarf from the GAP the other day.  I love the whimsical bird print and the cool combo of slate grey mixed with the citron yellow.  Not sure why I love the bird motif so much - it's all over the house too?

The BEST story comes with the purchase, although it's probably an even better deal now!  I saw the scarf a couple of weeks ago at GAP Bellingham, and thought, do I really want to spend $30 on another scarf?  I also didn't want to break my cardinal rule of not paying full price (unless I can't live without it) I waited.  Not patiently, but I waited.  Two days later I went to my local GAP and to my dismay, they only had the other colour combos, not the grey/yellow :-(  Five days later Jessica went back to Bellingham and I just so happen to tag along.  And guess what, my scarf was on sale!  Yeah!  $19.99...meant to be!

AND if you go this weekend, there's 40% additional off, so I imagine it'll be $14, that is, if they still have it!

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