Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lululemon Factory Outlet Closing

Lululemon's Factory Outlet in Burnaby is only open for a few more days as it plans to close its doors April 21st, 2013. I'm not sure if they're having "close out" sales per se, but they are continuing with daily deals and power hours.  After they close, markdowns will just remain at the retail locations.  Check out their Facebook Event called the E.N.D. for the big closing  celebration??

I decided to pop into see what's left, if anything. To my (pleasant) surprise, there was a lot of women's wear and men's wear to choose from. But there was absolutely no Ivivva at all, so if you were planning on looking for girls' wear, you'll have to head to their West 4th location I guess!

Today's special included 50% off all headbands, $4 underwear and...$20 off all jackets, vests and hoodies!!! A great discount on already discounted bigger ticket items.

Here are some pics from my adventure:

A fairly good selection of all sizes ranging from 2-12.  Tons on bright tights (unders, runders, blah blah, but in the light brights...they're pretty sheer).  The unders are all priced low - $29, $39.  Still not low enough for essentially see-thru pants.

Power Y tanks, $39.  Asst'd shorts and long sleeves.  "Under Pant" in navy $49.

Mens' Studio Hoodie...$49 (less today's was $29!).  Got one for the hubby.

Right Round Jacket - in black with black.  Also available in black with grey and black with teal blue.  They are priced at $79, less today's discount...$59.  Not bad for a warmer, longer spring jacket.  Mixed materials, it's treated with DWR to make it water repellent...this will come in handy.

Long SS Devotion Tee in the chevron print.  $19.  I'm not positive if it's tooooo much print yet, even if it's only on one side.  Worst case scenario, I have it converted into an infinity scarf at the tailor :-)

These I did NOT buy.  I personally love the colour, but they were just too darn sheer.  No one needs to see that, not even for $29.  Too bad, if there were black, I'd be all over these.

Cute vest - $69, less the discount would be $49.  Didn't need it, plus, I would have wanted a size up and it wasn't there.  Folks were snatching these up like cra-cra this morning.

Here's my new Right Round Jacket.  It's a great longer length, covers the derriere..  A bit warmer than my Lulu rain jacket, but not too warm for early spring right through to late summer, maybe even fall in Vancouver.

Nice high stance on the funnel.  Vented back.

These zippers are a bit strange unzipped.  They're like pit zips, but only they're in front of the pit, not under it.  Will be leaving those done up, unless I work up a serious sweat, and it's dark out.

It's a looser fit -not totally body skimming.  A nice change up.

The Lululemon Factory Outlet is located:
5560 Trapp Ave 
Burnaby, BC CanadaV3N 5G4 

Hours of the store:
Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Leather Toms

So - an update to my original new leather Toms have arrived!

These are the Toms+ White Perforated Leather Classics ordered from  They shipped quickly (only 5 days from date of order to my hot little hands).  Free shipping to my posting address in WA.  They also did not charge state tax, so that's a bonus!?

The verdict?  I love them!  They are a great fit (same as regular) and are built to last (well, at least longer anyway).  The colour is not exactly "white", but that's what I was hoping.  They are a sagey-greyish shade of white?  Perfect for wearing all spring and summer long :-)  I'm thinking they'll go great with all of the coloured denim, chambray and jeans.

The soles are much better quality than the original line...they are a rubberized outsole with a textured middle.  They're a little pricey, but hopefully it will equate to longevity.  I guess we will have to see!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Toms+ (aka Toms Plus)

There is a danger in window shopping online.  It's not as though I intend on buying the things that I see, but sometimes, I see something that provokes me to purchase.  In yesterday's instance, it was my (rather late) discovery that TOMS now makes a line of higher end flats made of...leather!!!   The Toms+ series of shoes were introduced last spring and are made from "premium materials" such as suede and leather uppers, and features alternative styles (such as the moccasin).  I love a leather shoe.  I love Toms.  Put them both together and you have an inevitable purchase.

I am not a fan of their ballet flats, but I am a fan of the classic.  Here's the one I fell for:

These are the 'white' leather perforated classic flat, but I find them more on the grey side of white...we'll see when they arrive next week if I'm right.  I couldn't find them available in white anywhere online except  Neiman Marcus has them in navy, but I'm more partial to the white.  They also only had limited sizes left, so I was compelled to act fast.  I didn't not want to miss out on these (and last spring's version were not as cute).  They have an upgraded rubber sole (like the youth line) so hopefully they'll be more durable than the classic foam sole.  I also convinced myself that there is added value in a leather shoe.  They'll last longer.  I'll probably live in these this summer, and cost per wear will be low (yup, I'm serious).  Here's the bad news, they're $115 USD.  And that's a deal.  The Canadian counterpart has the Toms+ shoes listed at $140 Cdn.  Toms is currently offering a promotion of $5 off a purchase of $25 or more AND free shipping until April 30th, 2013.  Use code RMNSPRINGTOMS when shopping.  (Another way I got suckered in).

There are quite a few to choose from, some good, some not so good.  Here are (in my opinion) the 'good'  from this premium line:

Men's Perforated in Black Leather