Friday, August 15, 2014

Bath & Body Works New Bottle Design

If you're a fan of the hand soap collection at Bath & Body Works, you may have noticed that they launched a new bottle shape in Spring 2014.

The "Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps" and "Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps" now come in a new bottle: it's shorter and wider than the old design, and slightly larger in overall volume than the previous bottle design.  They've also changed the formulas and eliminated the anti-bacterial element to the hand soaps, which I am happy about.  (Read more about why it might be good to avoid anti-bacterial soaps)

If you're like us, you might have a metal slip-cover / soap sleeve for the (now discontinued) "old" bottle shape.  I was looking at buying a new one, since there are so many more options...they have silver, bronze, antique, etc options for the new sleeves, but I didn't really want to spend $5.50 for a new cover.  Well, don't fret!   A friendly tip I learned this week with regards to the new bottle designs at Bath and Body Works...they will gladly exchange your old bottle sleeve for a new one at no cost!  This was told to me by an employee at the Willowbrook Mall (Langley, BC) location, and said that all of the locations will honour this policy.  She also recommended leaving your old sleeve in your car for when you next happen to pop into a Bath & Body Works, that way you'll be prepared!  A great tip!

*****UPDATE: As of Fall 2014, Bath & Body Works Canada will now only be giving a 30% off discount towards the purchase of a new soap cover/sleeve when you bring in your older style sleeve.  I was a little dismayed by this (November 24, 2014) when I finally brought in my own sleeve to exchange it for a new one.  They just never seemed to have silver ones in stock, until the holidays arrived!  Oh well!  Hope you got yours while it lasted!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

HM Canada 20% off Entire Kids Purchase

Gearing up for back to school?  Love shopping at HM Canada for your kids?  Make sure to have a copy of the 20% off your entire kids' purchase coupon!!  Coupons starts today!


Coupon valid August 14th - September 2nd, 2014. One coupon per customer. Coupon must be surrendered 
at time of purchase or shown on mobile device. Excludes H&M employees. 
Offer not valid on previous purchases, for H&M gift cards or in conjunction with any other offer. 
Offer valid in H&M stores in Canada only. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Late Night Costco Ramblings

If you're in Newton, and in need of sunscreen or life jackets (random, I know)...pop into the Costco (Newton)!!**

Kinseys Sunscreen (2-pack with bonus sunscreen stick) is on clearance $9.97 (reg. $19.99)...and the sprays don't expire until Apr.2017.  Limited quantities (in the aisles, near Coppertone and shampoos).  I generously left at least an entire case (like 24 bottles/12 packs), lol (after I helped a friend stock up for her upcoming sunny holidays).

Also, lifejackets / life vests (pfd's) were marked down too!  I ended up buying a pack since my son's is only rated up to 90lbs, and my husband's is likely expired.  Costco sells the 4-pack of 90lb+ rated life vests...Jessica had seen them marked down to $59.97 so I hurried on over and BAM! ...they have been reduced further to $39.97 ;) (for FOUR!?!)
The four pack is bundled in a blue nylon zip case in the aisles near the rest of the summer gear.  A great bargain!

**I've been told that Langley is sold out of the Kinesys Sunscreen, YMMV.  

***Update: 5 more cases of sunscreen have been added to the shelf today 8/13/14!!