Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Late Night Costco Ramblings

If you're in Newton, and in need of sunscreen or life jackets (random, I know)...pop into the Costco (Newton)!!**

Kinseys Sunscreen (2-pack with bonus sunscreen stick) is on clearance $9.97 (reg. $19.99)...and the sprays don't expire until Apr.2017.  Limited quantities (in the aisles, near Coppertone and shampoos).  I generously left at least an entire case (like 24 bottles/12 packs), lol (after I helped a friend stock up for her upcoming sunny holidays).

Also, lifejackets / life vests (pfd's) were marked down too!  I ended up buying a pack since my son's is only rated up to 90lbs, and my husband's is likely expired.  Costco sells the 4-pack of 90lb+ rated life vests...Jessica had seen them marked down to $59.97 so I hurried on over and BAM! ...they have been reduced further to $39.97 ;) (for FOUR!?!)
The four pack is bundled in a blue nylon zip case in the aisles near the rest of the summer gear.  A great bargain!

**I've been told that Langley is sold out of the Kinesys Sunscreen, YMMV.  

***Update: 5 more cases of sunscreen have been added to the shelf today 8/13/14!!

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