Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Torre and Tagus Sale Week 2

My sister and a friend wanted to revisit the Torre and Tagus Warehouse Sale, where discounts were moved to 75% off all white stickered items (vs. 50% off last week).  You can find the original post here.

We were fully expecting to not find anything, but to our surprise, there were some 'leftovers' to be had!

Here are my finds:

White porcelain "can" with silicone lid.  I will use this as a sugar container for coffee and tea.  Reg. $11, down to $2.75.

Salad bowl, hard plastic.  Reg.$18.75, down to $4.69

A pair of Cast Iron "jacks" paperweights/bookends.  Reg. $17 ea, down to $4.25 ea.

White porcelain salad bowl.  Reg. $25, down to $6.25.

Linen-look scarf.  Reg. $15, down to $3.

Lotus tea light holder.  Reg. $6, down to $1.50.  It was actually purple when I bought it, but gave it a makeover with a little spray paint ;-)

Here are Jessica's finds from today's 75%off reduction sale:

Assorted large white vases Reg. 8.50-10.50 wholesale down to $2.12-2.62

Large Cast Iron Door Stopper Reg. $17 wholesale, down to $4.25

White metal bar stools Reg.99.95 wholesale, down to $17.50 each (red tag)


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