Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RW & Co. - Take an additional 40% off last ticketed prices

RW & Co. has an enormous amount of women's clearance starting today. If you are looking for a summer skirt, blouse or tank top, pop in soon for their best selection.

My twin and I went today, and it was just our fortune to pop in the first day of the sale. The entire length of the store is lined up with ladies tanks, short sleeve blouses, spring weight trench jackets and parkas etc., galore.

I picked up 3 basic but dressier tank tops today. Regular $25.50 but marked down to $22 and then an additional 40% off that. Not a cheap-cheap deal, but for the quality and the cut, I am actually quite pleased. They are modest and not skin tight, right up my alley. The black and white tanks are jersey with a pocket in the front and then a thicker but flowy chiffon in the back.



 My twin and I were drawn to the grey jersey tank because of the zipper. It's just cool.

Zipper up the left side

We were at Guildford Town Center, but check here for more locations around the Lower Mainland.

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