Saturday, September 8, 2012

Backpack, Backpack....

Back to school this week, and what did I learn???  Apparently, it's hip to be square.  Remember the old school Jansport backpacks from yesteryear?   Their packs are trending these days with the school set.  Jansport backpacks, I learned, also carry a lifetime warranty!  In fact, when in line to purchase this bright orange pack,  the fellow in front of me was returning his 3-year old, ripped up backpack.  Smart fellow had the receipt with him.  And he traded in the (in-my-opinion not very cool) torn jean backpack for a super cool faded black canvas issue backpack...he only had to pay $5 for the difference in upgraded cost.  Pretty good value for 3 year's use.

Jansport started in Seattle back in 1967 and has been manufacturing packs ever since.  You can find a retailer near you by clicking here.

This vintage throwback isn't limited to just Jansport though.

A few months back, my J.Crew catalogues started featuring Herschel Supply Co. backpacks and messengers.  They are gaining a big following for their cool, laid-back, almost military inspired, vintage look.  One of my favorite finds about Herschel?  They are a Vancouver, BC based company!!  A fairly new company, Herschel was founded in 2009, by  a couple of brothers (naming the company after a small town where three generations of their family lived).  Check them out!  You'll spot their packs in a lot of board shops around town.

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