Thursday, July 12, 2012


Two words that we love together: SHOE SALE.

Shoe Warehouse is closing many of their retail locations across Canada this month, which means an impending sale near you ;-)  And while I don't necessarily like to revel in the failings of businesses, I do delight in the ensuing discounts.  Not all of the locations are closing, but from what I can surmise, many of the free standing BM stores are closing (vs. Mall Locations).

Par Example: South Surrey, Grandview Corners location.  Only open for another 5 days!  Means 70%off EVERYTHING.  They still had quite a few shoes in store - albeit many were SKY high (4" heel+), and lots in teeny sizes like 6,7 still a good selection of 8, and a swack of larger 10+ size shoes.  Might be worth perusing if you happen to be in the area.  Not a lot of kids' shoes left.  But again, it is the last 5 days of operation.

Converse Slim Low Oxfords - Chambray
Similar to Chuck Taylor Oxfords but decidedly more feminine, slimmer in profile.
Reg. $74.95, 70%off . . . $21

Roberto Viani Black Leather Hazel Sandals
Black Leather platform cross-strap sandals, zips in back.  Also saw some in nude leather as well!
Lowest marked price $59.95, 70% off . . . $18

Girl's/Youth Sperrys, Boat Shoe, Pink Plaid
Reg. $39.99, 70% pff .. . .$12

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