Thursday, November 10, 2016

Outdoor Rugs

Was just out to pick up a few groceries at our local Save on Foods store (that's 64/176 for you locals!) and waltzed into the front area to spot these outdoor rugs on clearance!  They are Love by Jillian Harris reversible outdoor rugs and mats.  I picked up two of the outdoor runner style in a lovely grey and white stripe for $1.79 each!!  I put them together,  and voila, instant rug!  I think it polishes off the front porch nicely for under $4!

There were larger area rug sizes for $7.99 (deal!) but the colours weren't my cup of tea ( & white stripes and rainbow stripes).  So I bought two of the grey/white striped instead.  Selection may vary depending upon your location, but good luck!  I hope you find a happy little deal in your neck of the woods!!

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