Friday, August 7, 2015

Save the Cheese!

I have a new find that I have to share...awesome if you're a cheese lover like me!  Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags are amazing storage bags that keep your opened cheese fresh for weeks....WEEKS!!

This is the last remaining bit of a huge brick of cheddar we opened 4 weeks ago.  It is as fresh as the day we opened it (for real!).  
Made in France, they come in a box of 15 for around $10 on Amazon (also available at some fine cheese retailers, but Amazon was easier for us).  The bags are made of a unique butcher-type paper that allows the cheese to still breathe (like a cheese cave).  No more hardening.  No mold.  No waste!!

Worth every cent in my books!  This is a sure-fire way to prevent waste!  I will definitely buy these again.

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