Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Aritzia Warehouse Sale Surrey

From October 7 to October 31, Aritzia is having a Warehouse Sale at the Morgan Crossing shopping centre in South Surrey (unit #110)

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Located at the corner of Croydon Drive and Main St, it's a smaller venue, but promises to be filled with new stock on a daily basis.  We parked at the old Best Buy lot (Restoration Hardware's future home) and walked across to the shop.  (The Main Street parking spots say 1hr).

Prices are per usual, blocked by category.  All jeans (rag & bone, COH, etc.) are $49.99 or less, sweaters are $29.99, shirts are $39.99, blazers start at $49.99.  

Today's finds...a Community Lexis Romper $39.99 (reg.$125), Wilfred Free Buffalo Check Tunic $39.99 (reg.$95), rag & bone skinny jeans $49.99 (reg.$188), Talula Lenox Sweater $29.99 (reg.$75)

People have been wondering about their more popular items.  There were a limited number of Trooper jackets (navy, camo) in smaller sizes, as well as a few TNA 'cowichan' sweaters.

The fellow that opened the doors today said to "check back often."  New merchandise arrives daily...3 more shipments are expected today even.  There were also scads of unopened boxes still on the floor this morning.  I guess with it going until Oct.31st, more than one visit may actually happen!!

Update: (Oct. 20, 2014)
Seeing how I only live a 10 minute drive from the sale, I've actually popped back in three times since my initial visit.  DISAPPOINTED each and every time!!  I went back on day 2 at store opening (figuring new stuff would for sure be added, and the store would be tidy)... There were a few things added, but nothing worth giving a second look.  Walked out with a black boyfriend blazer that I regretted not purchasing for myself the previous day.  

My subsequent visits have been weekly, including today.  I popped in after lunch time.  The store was dead.  I could almost hear crickets chirping.  New additions in the way of samples, brands that are not normally carried in store (perhaps samples from suppliers?), prototypes, damaged clothing, mismatched accessories, #yougetthepicture.  I'm wondering when (or if) actual worthwhile merchandise will be added!?  It's supposed to go on for another 11 days.  If these last visits were any indication, I'd say save your time and shop elsewhere.  Definitely do not waste gas coming from anywhere over a bridge solely for this sale, you'll be really disappointed.  I won't make an effort to stop by 'just' for this...however, I've been known to frequent Winners and H&M (tee-hee), so am in the area often.

Update: (November 24, 2014)
The sale was extended into November...until the end of the month (or so I've been told).  I went back in on Friday afternoon (Nov. 21) and there were a few more items of note.  I spied some of the Wilfred Rousseau cardigans that had gone on sale online on Thanksgiving...they had few of the same ones at the Warehouse sale listed for $59.99.

These TNA wool zip sweaters caught my eye.  Cute, but a little short for my taste.

Also, they received a shipment of Wilfred Parkas in size Medium (only)...$199.99.  There were a few at the front of the store, as well as a rolling rack full of them near the entrance to the fitting room.

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