Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I woke up this morning and discovered I had acquired a nasty mosquito bite on my face!!  I wasn't even camping...nope, the annoying little bug must've snuck into the house (it's like Fort Knox with all of the windowscreens though!?)

Anyway, I thought...hey! What better opportunity to try out my new Therapik?
The Therapik is a battery operated device that is supposed to neutralize the enzymes in the saliva/bite that cause an itchy reaction in our skin.  The earlier you apply it, the better the outcome.  The longer you apply it, the better too.  Although, I suspect some people have a better tolerance for heat than others.  The recommendation is minimum 30 seconds.
I applied it for as long as I could without worrying about burning myself! Lasted about 90 seconds?  Immediately after I could no longer feel the big bump under the bite.  It feels like a small pimple vs. a honking big zit!  I'd say it shrank by at least half, and it does not itch!  Sold!

Purchased the Therapik for $13.50 at MEC:

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