{Wardrobe Essentials}

Here are some items that we think every girl should own.  Think of these items as classic pieces that you can build your wardrobe onto.  This is where money should go.  Bargains are great, and if you can find classic pieces at a bargain price, more power to you!  But don`t feel bad about having to spend a bit more to get better quality items.  These are pieces that will never go out of style, so shop for longevity!  You can spice things up with inexpensive trends to balance things out.

Classic Cardigan
A mid to long length cardigan is an outfit maker.  Top off a plain white tee and jeans, and you have a complete outfit.

Skinny Jeans
These are generally universally flattering, as long as they don`t look like they`ve been painted on.  Also fantastic because you can just as easily wear them with heels (to dress up) or flats (for running around).

Same as cardigan, but even more put together.

Tanks and Tees
Great layering pieces...think colour and pattern.

Black Knee-Boots, low
A wet-coast essential for the fall and winters.  Feet will stay dry, and you`ll look oh-so-fashionable at the same time.

Black Knee-Boots, high
A height boost makes all girls, even tall ones, feel unstoppable.

Ballet Flats
Channel a little Audrey and pair with skinnies.  A practical and perfect shoe for many outfits.  The quintessential shopping shoe.

Statement Necklace 
This is an outfit completer.  You could be wearing a dirty shirt and as long as the necklace is a showstopper, no one will notice.

Scarves add colour and personality with ease.  Having more than one is a plus...think colours and patterns here.  They make even the most boring of outfits interesting.

Leather Bag
Spend money here.  You don`t need 100 mediocre bags that need to be replaced often.  We have around 3 good bags each: black, neutral and coloured leather. Places like Roots and/or Coach, JCrew & Danier etc make affordable, fashionable and quality pieces.  

Day Dress 
An easy all-in-one outfit.  Just throw it on and you`re done (well almost, just top with a cardigan and necklace...then you`re done).

Trench/Rain Jacket
Buy this in a classic tan or black and it will last you forever...comes back every season.  If you want to get a bit more punch, buy a coloured one - but bear in mind that it may seem dated once the trend passes...better to stick with a classic.

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