{Shopping 101}

Shopping 101

Tips for getting the most bang from your buck!

1.  Try not to pay full pop for anything.  Most of time, this is achievable!  Most retail stores have a 3 week cycle.  A new flow of merchandise means stuff goes on sale.  Patience works young one.

2.  Ask yourself, do I need this?  If the answer is yes, ask yourself can I wait a little longer?  If the risk of it going out of stock is too high for you, get it!  But follow tip#3.  Otherwise, chance it...it will go on sale in the weeks ahead!  Almost everything does!

3.  Save your receipts!  Most stores honor price adjustments.  In the case your "buy" goes on sale, you can bring your receipt(only) and be given a refund for the price difference. Check store policy on the time allotted.

4.  Coupons!  Whether your buying on-line, or in-store, check to see if there are any existing coupons (codes or printables) available on-line before you "check-out". This site is a great  place for coupons. I usually just google (#store name+coupon code) though.

Before you shop at TARGET (at the actual store), be sure to visit here and check for coupons.  There are random coupons for goods from each department, but there have also been coupons such as "30% off any womens' item, 15% off kids apparel, $3 off swim piece, etc).  It might surprise you! They also usually have $5off coupons for on-line purchases too!

Before you shop at H&M, check the website (Canada or US) to see if they have a printable one.  Conversely, if you download their app, you can shake your iPhone for an update if they have one!

5.  On-line shopping is sometimes (but not always) the best way to score the best deals!  We love Craigslist, Amazon, Target and Ebay as standbys.